Professional Publications and Handbooks

The Treasury Academy offers a number of different publications for financial professionals and practitioners. These publications are primarily for use in the Treasury Management and Financial Services arena. Please contact us for information if your organization is interested.

Short-Term Treasury and Finance Handbook ($99)

This handbook covers the areas of short-term treasury management and finance and is designed as a resource for finance professionals in this area. It is available to members of selected professional associations in a PDF format of approximately 250 pages and includes many examples of calculations as well as practice problems related to the topics covered. Key topics include:

  • What is Treasury Management?
  • Key Regulations Related to the Area
  • Different Types of Banks and Financial Institutions
  • How Payment Systems Work
  • Money Markets vs. Capital Markets
  • Bank Accountn Analysis Statements
  • Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Cash Management and Forecasting
  • Short-Term Investing and Borrowing
  • Financial Risk Management

Handbook of Basic Finance and Financial Services ($79)

This handbook provides coverage of key basic topics in the area of finance and financia services. It is available in a PDF form to members of selected professional associations. The topics include:

  • Basic Financial Principles
  • Time Value of Money
  • Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis
  • Working Capital and Cash Management
  • Money Markets, Capital Markets & Financial Securities
  • International Finance and Foreign Exchange
  • Long-Term Investments
  • Capital Structure and Dividend Policy


For more information, please conact Betsy Gersin, VP of Distribution 


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